Epsilon Pi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated was chartered March 23, 1973 originally in Media, Pa. The Chapter was organized by Brothers: Jesse Williams, Jr., William C. Shumake, J. Paul Stephens, Meredith Chaplin, Jr. (Omega Chapter), Juan R. Baughn, Johnnie Ponzie (Omega Chapter), John R. Lay, Lawrence Charleston, Jr., and Brad Lewis (Omega Chapter).

In Fall 1973, Epsilon Pi assisted with the process to charter the Alpha Eta Chapter which occurred on September 17, 1974. Due to the graduate members' first love of Omega Epsilon Pi became dormant after several meetings. The Chapter remained dormant until the spring of 1981.

Through the urging of Brother John Maloney (Omega Chapter), the Second District Representative at the time, the process of reorganizing Epsilon Pi Chapter was implemented. Brother Dexter L. Davis, Sr. and Brother Richard Brown, along with several other Omega men, accepted the challenge to seek out interested brothers in the city of Chester and vicinity who would be interested in the reorganization of Epsilon Pi Chapter. On April 17, 1981, a meeting was held at the old West End Y.M.C.A. This meeting was attended by several key Second District officers and representatives and a host of local Omega Men. At the conclusion of the meeting Epsilon Pi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. was reorganized and officially moved to Chester, PA. Through the efforts of the reorganizing brothers, Epsilon Pi Chapter grew to its capacity of today.

In 1990 Epsilon Pi assisted with the process of reactivating Omega Xi Chapter and since its charter Epsilon Pi Chapter has inducted 26 lines of Omega Men into the Fraternity.

Today, Epsilon Pi Chapter continues to thrive and continues to be a leader in the community regarding social, educational, and community service.


FALL 1973

"Genisis 8"


"Funky 8"

“7 Serious Souls”
1. Bro. Christopher Brooks
2. Bro. Michael Edge
3. Bro. Brian Jones
4. Bro. Marc Dunston
5. Bro. Lawrence Moore
6. Bro. Jay Montgomery
7. Bro. Duane Glover
“Treacherous 4”
1. Bro. Walter Davis
2. Bro. Kendrick Francis
3. Bro. Nelson Ashley
4. Bro. Dwane Hamilton
FALL 1983
“4 The Hard Way”
1. Bro. Frank Smith Ω
2. Bro. Joseph Edwards
3. Bro. William Ray
4. Bro. William Stewart
FALL 1982
“7 Steps to Hell”
1. Bro. Hasan Abdul Azziz
2. Bro. Ronald Wesley
3. Bro. Kenneth Hackett
4. Bro. Eric Jackson
5. Bro. Keith Beauford
6. Bro. David Wilson Ω
7. Bro. David Dixon
Ω Denotes Omega Chapter
“8 Disciples of Soul”
1. Bro. Eugene Roberts
2. Bro. Thaddeus Kirkland
3. Bro. Johnathan Cameron
4. Bro. John Harley Ω
5. Bro. Gary Weatherspoon
6. Bro. Rasheen Murray
7. Bro. Absalom Philpot
8. Bro. Thomas Nelson Jr. Ω
“5 Sons of Sacrifice”
1. Bro. Emmanuel Gilbert
2. Bro. Joesph Rhyanes
3. Bro. Darius Gilbert
4. Bro. Ade’ FeQua
5. Bro. Willie Thurman Jr.
“Numero Uno”
1. Bro. Levert Hughes
“Ruff, Rugged and 1”
1. Bro. Nathaniel Himmons
FALL 1993
“Thunderous Threatening 3”
1. Bro. Marcus Stevens
2. Bro. Floyd Lewis Ω
3. Bro. Sheridan Jones
FALL 1992
“Audacious 3 in 1”
1. Bro. Robert Walley Jr.
2. Bro. William Brown
3. Bro. Antonio Johnson
“5 Furious Phantoms of Funk”
1. Bro. Stanley Collins Jr.
2. Bro. Tony Richard
3. Bro. David McAllister Ω
4. Bro. Robert Myers
5. Bro. Alfred Thompkins
Ω Denotes Omega Chapter
FALL 2022
7 Sacrificial Souls of PsiQuelogical Warfare
1. Rex Haye, III
2. Isaiah Banks
3. Brian Warren
4. Derrick Spence
5. Marcleve Mitchell
6 . Kevin Johnston
7. Andrew Williams

Spring 2020
"Bad Boys 2 Death"
1. Joshua King
2. Dondi Butler
Spring 2017
“12 Dysfunctional Souls of ResurreQtion”
1. Ian Davis
2. Gerald Pringle
3. Raymond Harris
4. Richard Bryant
5. Geoffrey Phillipe
6. Corey Kelley
7. Jordan Lyles
8. Dominique Long
9. Diante Pryer
10. Jaron Waring
11. Hassan Gomes
12. Sidney Johnson
“Seven Dynamic Souls of Destruction”
1. Bro. Gabriel Smith
2. Bro. Jaquan Hawkins
3. Bro. Travon Erwin
4. Bro. Ikeem Boyd
5. Bro. Christopher Williams
6. Bro. Ronell Williams
7. Bro. Bryan Pointer
“Seven Selected Souls of High Risk, High Reward”
1. Bro. Patrick Robinson
2. Bro. Terrel McBride
3. Bro. Shaquan Davis
4. Bro. Bradley Pointer
5. Bro. Don Russell
6. Bro. Kyle Johnston
7. Bro. Ron Brown
“11 Centennial Souls Painted Purple and Gold”
1. Bro James Woodrit
2. Bro Rusheev Lee
3. Bro Silas Thomas
4. Bro Ladontay Bell
5. Bro Jermaine Hartsfield
6. Bro Tarik Hall
7. Bro Calvin Braxton II
8. Bro Doug Obeng
9. Bro Eric Edwers
10. Bro Demrick Cook
11. Bro Sean Mayer
“11x’s More Blood Bled Than Tears Shed”
1. Bro. Keith Morris
2. Bro. Ismail Amir
3. Bro. Rashad Faltz
4. Bro. McKinley Brown
5. Bro. Kyle Adams
6. Bro. Shariff Blackwell
7. Bro. Andre Corbett
8. Bro. Jay O’Neal
9. Bro. Lamar Brooks
10. Bro. Tracy Jones
11. Bro. Lamar Douglas
“4 Sons of Lazarus”
1. Bro. Robert Laurie
2. Bro. Donovan Pratt
3. Bro. Mark Wilkerson III
4. Bro. Ernest Hadrick III
“Dynamic Dysfunctional Duo”
1. Bro. Jason Frye
2. Bro. Daniel Powell
FALL 2004
“Transformed Trio”
1. Bro. Levert Pickens, III
2. Bro. James Harper, Jr.
3. Bro. Clifton Smith II
“3 Da Rite Way”
1. Bro. Roosevelt Turner
2. Bro. Lamont Hall Sr.
3. Bro. Aaron Dixon
“4 Chambers of Death”
1. Bro. Joel Kennedy
2. Bro. Jamar Daniels
3. Bro. Reginald Springfield
4. Bro. Rashan Everette
“5 Methods of Madness”
1. Bro. Curtis Callands
2. Bro. Ervin Smith III
3. Bro. Troy Wright
4. Bro. Damon Brown
5. Bro. Suni Blackwell
? Denotes Omega Chapter